The Kiss & Fly area is intended for short stops and passenger disembarkation. Any driver wishing to gain access to the departure terminal and to disembark passengers shall be allowed to enter the ramp area and park with no charge for no more than 10 minutes per hour. Beyond the free time allowed, parking in a short stop area is charged at the applicable rates. Rates for Kiss & Fly parking are the following:

10 minutes free of charge:

11-20 minutes - 6 Eur

21-40 minutes - 12 Eur

41-60 minutes - 18 Eur

Each additional hour - 18 Eur

Please refer to the Kiss & Fly traffic map:

  • There are more than 20 short stop places for passenger cars in the area
  • There are height (4 m) and weight (12 t) restrictions in the area.
  • The first lane has specially designated areas for short passenger disembarkation and the second lane only for vehicle drive-by. 

Please be advised that car license plates are used to record vehicle movement and parking in the ramp area. Terms of use, payment methods and other necessary information can be found here

There is space for the transport of passengers with special needs in the area closest to the departure terminal door. It is marked with a special sign, adapted for use by persons with reduced mobility, and is equipped with a special emergency button (built into a white column) which automatically connects to the service for passengers with special needs.



If you think that it will take more than 10 minutes for a passenger with special needs to disembark, please fill in the required information here at least 48 hours before the flight. Or contact us at +370 612 44442.

Last updated: 2023 03 22 09:17