Bus from Minsk

The Company Ecolines operates the route Minsk – Vilnius Airport 4 times every day. Length of the trip – 3 hours 45 minutes, price – EUR 11. In a convenient bus, passengers can use tablet computers, Wi-Fi, individual 220V connection, WC, coffee and tea free of charge.

In Vilnius, the bus starts out from the Bus Station, then visits the Airport and heads for Minsk.

In Minsk, the trip starts at the Central Bus Station (Bobruiskaya g. 6), then proceeds to Vilnius Airport and ends at Vilnius Bus Station.

Bus from Palanga

The company Toks transports passengers from Palanga to Vilnius airport twice a day. The bus stops at Klaipėda and Kaunas bus stations during the trip. The ticket costs EUR 15.12.

When running from Vilnius to Palanga, the bus leaves from Vilnius bus station, stops at the airport and continues the trip according to its regular route.

When running from Palanga to Vilnius, the bus first stops at the airport in Vilnius and finishes the trip at Vilnius bus station.


Airport map


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