Narvesen Shop for Fast and Convenient Shopping

Before the flight, airport guests are welcome to enjoy tasty snacks alongside a cup of coffee, purchase magazines, souvenirs or any other items one might need prior to their flight.

   The shop is located in the Departures Terminal
          before the airport security check area 
          (Departure hall).

   Opening hours are aligned with the flight schedule.

Narvesen Shop for Fast and Convenient Shopping (Arrivals)

We invite all arriving guests to purchase public transport, phone and internet cards. You may also purchase printed press items and enjoy a snack as well as a cup of coffee.

   The shop is located in Hall A of the Arrivals          Terminal, next to the lift (A arrivals hall)

   Opening hours are aligned with the flight schedule.


Mobili Linija electronics shop

The shop offers various kinds of eletronics: mobile phones, smart watches, headphones, other accessories. 

   A6/A7 gates, Schengen area.

   The shop is currently closed.


Narvesen Bookshop

We offer the widest choice of books and printed publications at the airport. Choose something interesting to read on board and enjoy a freshly made cup of coffee.

   We are located at departures gate A15.

   Opening hours are aligned with the flight schedule.


Crème de la Crème shop

Crème de la Crème offers niche perfumery creations and
highest quality face and body care cosmetics created using
latest technologies. Crème de la Crème carefully selects
the most interesting creations from top Paris, New York,
London and Milan brands. Our unique interior design has
been mentioned in the best publications around the world.
Our conceptual approach to beauty is known well beyond

   We are located at B13 gates (Non-Schengen area).

   The shop is currently closed.


Heinemann Duty Free | Travel Value (central)

It is the biggest shop in Vilnius Airport.
We offer a wide range of famous international
Duty Free |Travel Value brand products as well as
interesting Lithuanian designer creations and souvenirs.
All customers looking for unique gifts for their loved ones
as well as those wishing to enjoy an exceptional shopping experience before the flight will
appreciate this shop.

   We are located just past the aviation security area.

   Opening hours are aligned with the flight schedule.



Duty free | Travel Value shop (Non-Schengen area)

The shop offers last opportunity to purchase gifts upon leaving Vilnius Airport. In our small shop, we offer the best items that you might want to buy last minute.

   A5-A6 gates, B10 gate (Non-Schengen area), A15 gate.

   Opening hours are aligned with the flight schedule.



Heinemann Duty Free | Travel Value Alcohol, Sweets, Tobacco

A cosy shop where you can find perfume, alcohol and tobacco products as well as sweets produced by famous international brands.

   A4-A5 gates, A16-A17 gates.

   The shop is currently closed.



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